About Us

Secure Network Solutions is an Information Technology firm with a strong focus on security and network infrastructure design in Central New York.  We serve clients all over the Mohawk Valley in a variety of different industry settings. Our goal is to leverage our expertise and knowledge to assist you in all of your IT needs – no matter the size or type of company you have. We are the large and small business solution when it comes to Information Technology consultation.

We Are Knowledgeable in all aspects of troubleshooting and repair. We have a variety of employees and skill sets who can help with your individual company problems. We understand the need to solve your Information Technology issues in a efficient manner.  We’ll do the research and help give you the most cost effective solutions for your technology needs; our goal is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision.

Muni Gove Municipal

We assist and comply to all forms of local and state government entities IT needs.



We continually work with legal clients to solve major data management and day to day IT administrative tasks.


We maximize healthcare clients needs to digitally store their records and comply with HIPPA document management (EMR).


We work with financial institutions of all sizes to assist in all of their highly sensitive IT management needs.


We are anything but ordinary. We’re here to help your company meet it’s potential. We will save you money and allow you to focus on your critical business tasks, not worry about the technology issues you may be facing.  We want to ensure that your work force gets back to work, with little to no downtime.

We specialize in many aspects of Information Technology; including but not limited to:


DatabaseBackupBackup & Recovery Strategies Your data is critical to your business, and no data loss or downtime is acceptable. We can develop your backup recovery strategy.  Availability requirements and capacity planning are a part of our services. We will take every precaution to shorten your mean time recovery, and increase your mean time failure. We also perform backup and recovery audits.

Network Design

Network Design & Management A secure Local Area Network design is critical to reaching maximum potential of your workforce. Let us help you design a network you need in order to help your company reach it’s full potential!


Desktop Support Many companies today spend too much time and money on reactive desktop support. These problems occur because of spyware or virus activity.  The most effective solution to these types of issues is having a proactive posture towards securing each and every desktop that your company utilizes. We have partnered with several leading virus and spyware solution providers to help protect you.

Database management Database Management We frequently assist our clients with database installations, upgrades, and migrations in Windows/AD environments. We know that installing database software involves more that just a “point and click” approach. Upgrades and migrations have to be carefully planned. We take a methodical and conservative approach to ensure we take our clients through this process smoothly.

EMR EMR Solutions (Electronic Medical Solutions) With so many companies out there offering these products, it can be very difficult to understand the differences in what they offer you. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making your EMR costs low and time efficient as possible. We deal with the most popular companies out there today.


Information Assurance The rate of information theft on enterprise networks is increasing by the day.  Without the correct tools, your network can be vulnerable to these attacks. Securing your information from theft is our top priority too.


Replication & High Availability We leverage our experience to ensure your business needs are met.  We work with you to understand your high availability requirements. From high availability clusters to replicated environments for hot/warm disaster recovery sites, we can ensure your business continuity through disaster.